Car Crashes

19 Sep

Car Crashes

But that love hasn’t come without a cost especially if you need to hire Fiorentino Law Office. Car crashes kill or injure countless drivers annually in the usa. The only bright spot is that fatalities are decreasing because of better safety regulations. Injuries, on the other hand, have grown increasingly common since the complete number of automobile accidents continues to grow.

In the previous year on record (2013), over 3.5 million people were hurt in more than 6 million reported collisions. With that in mind, here is why you should always seek legal counsel from local law firms if hurt in an auto accident.

When heavy, metal vehicles slam into each other at any given rate, occupants are nearly always hurt somehow and this is why you need LT legal services. As we mentioned, over half of those involved in automobile crashes need medical treatment. In several of these instances, victims sustain back or neck injuries that feel relatively minor initially but worsen over time. Because doctors can’t predict which of these issues will clear up by themselves and which can cause chronic pain, they frequently play it by ear and try to not alert the patient. The inevitable inference the individual makes is that the matter is nothing to worry about. Because of this, they may not contact car collision law firms in a timely matter or, worse yet, may settle the collision claim prior to the extent of the damage is known.

Reason 2: Insurance Business Will Attempt To Shortchange You

As a general rule, when an insurance carrier decides to settle a situation as fast as possible, it means that they know something you do not. When it comes to collisions, the attorneys that work for them know that neck and back injuries often involve delayed reactions that take days, even weeks to grow. Not only will they customarily contact the injured party soon after the crash, they might even make settlement offers from the beginning.

As there are a lot of personal injury lawsuits clogging up America’s courts, lawmakers have put more restrictive time limits on automobile crash cases. Experienced attorneys at car collision law firms like Bohm Wildish, LLP Offices are aware of these deadlines and how they may affect your case. They can then meet the requirements and file a claim with the court prior to the deadline comes and goes.

For all these reasons — and many more — it’s always advisable to speak to some local law firms before you enter discussions with another driver’s insurer.

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